Event Facilities

Event Facilities

Particularly high requirements need to be met for exhibition and event buildings, given their function as public assembly places for large numbers of people, while the exhibition areas also pose potentially high fire risks. Here transparent fire protection helps to preserve the generously dimensioned open character of the rooms even while taking into account the strict requirements. Clear and transparent partitions, inner façades and generously glazed door systems in escape routes and staircases provide the levels of protection for fire safety in the event of a fire.

Example of application:

Landesmesse Baden-Württemberg (state exhibition grounds), Stuttgart

It was possible to exceed the maximum floor space area for the fire compartmentation and fire wall spacing's in Stuttgart's trade-fair complex by using combined and integrated additional features. These included an automatic fire-extinguishing system, a fire alarm system, escape route smoke extraction and numerous fire safety enclosures and fire-resistant partitions, all as an integral part of a coherent overall concept. The extra high fire loads in the car park area below the East Entrance are kept at bay by using glazed EI 90 / EI 30 fire-resistant systems.

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