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How it works (1) Reflecting the energy emitted by room heaters and surfaces back into the room (long wave radiation). (2) Allowing high transmission of the solar radiation (short wave radiation) through the glass to benefit from passive...

Pilkington Spacia™

Substantially improved thermal insulation compared to conventional double glazing; U value of 1,4 W/m 2 K in 3-0,2-3 vacuum glazed construction. Thermal performance of modern double glazing in the same thickness as single glass, offering the opportunity to improve energy efficiency in older traditional buildings.

Pilkington Energy Advantage™

Overview. Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is a pyrolitically on-line coated low-emissivity glass. It offers substantial improvement on thermal insulation when compared to clear float glass. It is also characterized by high solar heat gain, which means that as well as retaining heating warmth in a room, it allows high level of solar energy to enter, for warmer and brighter interiors, and reduced heating and lighting costs.

Glass and Thermal Stress - Pilkington

Thermal Insulation. Pilkington Optifloat ... Thermal Stress is created when one area of a glass pane gets hotter than an adjacent area. If the stress is too great then the glass will crack. The stress level at which the glass will break is governed by several factors. Tempered glass is very resilient and not prone to failing due to thermal stress.

Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear

Overview Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear is our high quality float glass. Choosing Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear gives the assurance for exceptional quality. Applications. Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear can be used in wide variety of applications, often representing a practical and stylish alternative to solid materials. It may be used in the exterior and interior of buildings to permit the ...

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Pilkington Solar-E™ - good solar control and thermal insulation in a range of colours. Pilkington Solar-E™ Plus. Pilkington Solar-E™ Plus pyroltyic coating offers improved solar heat gain coefficient. Pilkington Spacia™ Medium thermal insulation in only 6 mm. Pilkington Sunplus™

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™

high performance solar control with medium light reflectance and transmittance, further improved thermal insulation performance when combined in an Insulating Glass Unit with a low-emissivity glass, unique colours offer designers original and innovative architectural options,

Pilkington Activ™ Range

Can be used in its monolithic form or incorporated in insulating glass units (coating on surface #1), for instance with Pilkington Energy Advantage™ to offer additional thermal insulation properties. Pilkington Optiphon™ for improved noise reduction for additional thermal insulation properties.