Pilkington Planar™

Pilkington Planar™


Pilkington Planar™ has evolved from the original patch plate system pioneered by Pilkington over 40 years ago to become the unrivalled choice of architects. With such a proven track record in some of the most demanding applications and situations, Pilkington Planar™ offers the opportunity for architects to create a complete glass envelope for buildings working with façades on any plane.

With the flexibility to incorporate most of the vast array of Pilkington glass products, including solar control, low-e as well as Pilkington Activ™, it allows clients and architects the ability to build attractive, sustainable and green buildings that produce a greater feeling of light and space, thus, improving the working environments within. Pilkington Planar™ gives flexibility of performance, appearance and transparency whilst achieving all of the functional and aesthetic requirements of the built environment.

The Pilkington Planar™ system is a fully engineered system which has been rigorously tested. Pilkington Planar™ system utilises the minimum amount of structure whilst affording the maximum visual without compromising on  performance thus providing safe and attractive glass structures. All aspects of the design are fully engineered, tested and approved to fully comply with the project specific conditions. The Pilkington Planar™ system utilises a combination of glass and high grade 316 stainless steel fittings which when combined with a countersunk hole can attain a flush façade with very little distortion.


The Pilkington Planar™ system covers a large spectrum of applications and is not limited to size. The system can be utilised from small technically straightforward situations through to major building packages that are technically challenging. Past work includes curtain walling systems with opening lights, complex three dimensional façades and roofs and curved façades.

For more information about Pilkington Planar™ system contact W&W Glass at http://www.wwglass.com/ 


  • Offers maximum freedom in design without compromising on performance.
  • Flush external surface with little distortion.
  • Fully engineered and in-house tested.
  • Utilisation of high quality material.
  • Incorporation of a 12 year design and materials warranty.
  • Incorporates most of the vast array of Pilkington glass types including solar control, low-e and screen printed glass as well as Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning glass.


Project references

BIM Store

Pilkington Planar™ models are now available through the widely-used BIM program Revit, helping architects and engineers to accurately and collaboratively create structurally glazed atriums, facades, and roofs in 3D modelling.

The models help Revit users to design glazed facades in the program with the same ease of a standard integrated curtain wall system. It also enables specifiers to easily upgrade curtain walling to a Pilkington Planar™ façade.


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Pilkington Planar Activ™

With suitable silicone-free sealants now available, Pilkington Planar™, the world’s leading structural glazing system, can incorporate Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass.

As well as allowing the design freedom that comes with frameless glazing,the dual action cleaning process will not only make sure your creation stays looking its best, but also reduce future maintenance costs.

Pilkington Planar Activ™ offers following benefits:

  • create the ultimate structural glazing system incorporating dual-action self-cleaning,
  • also available in blue and bronze with the additional benefit of solar control properties,
  • Pilkington Activ™ can be laminated with many other Pilkington glass types to produce the ideal combination,
  • Pilkington Planar Activ™ incorporated into the Planar™ | SentryGlas® System allows thinner combinations with greater strength,
  • Pilkington Planar™ Integral has the fixing encapsulated within the laminated glass – allowing sealed glazing with a completely flush, uninterrupted self-cleaning surface.

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