Leading Edge Applications

Our ability to underpin the Pilkington Planar™ system and the new associated developments with in-house design expertise, testing facilities and technical support means that we are well placed to meet the aspirations of this increasingly demanding market.

Pilkington Planar™In addition, the Pilkington Planar™ system is a design concept from which many products can be developed. The mechanically fixed structural glazing systems continue to be at the forefront of the leading edge of building design. The successful and varied applications world-wide illustrate the versatility and durability of the Pilkington Planar™ system.

The advancement of bolted glass technology - from the original Patch Plate suspended assemblies to the present day high technology glazing solutions - has been largely due to the input of Pilkington Architectural. It is this input which gives Pilkington Architectural a position in the market place for specialist and leading edge glass applications.