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The term “Safety” is applied to glazing used to reduce the risk of accident by impact, fracture, shattering, or in a fire. The term “Security” is applied to glazing, which in addition to “Safety”, is able to withstand a variety of deliberate attacks such as manual, ballistic or blast.

Safety & Security - Pilkington

Check that impact resistance and thermal safety have been allowed for in your design. It is also possible to add security glass. Where glass is used overhead, at low level or in and around doors, windows and screens, the relevant standards must be met to protect against accidental human impact, such as children running into a patio door.

Specifying for protection: Safety and Security Glass

Creating a safe and secure home should be at the heart of any residential building project. This is especially true for developers in specialist projects providing housing for vulnerable people. Here we explain how architects and developers can use the latest in glazing technology to create secure homes.

Pilkington Optiphon™

Safety / Security. Pilkington Optilam ... safety glass to meet all the impact safety requirements of EN 12600, improves the living and working environment, available in clear or decorative finishes, available in many standard thicknesses: 6,8 mm, 8,8 mm, 9,1 mm, 10,8 mm, 12,8 mm, 13,1 mm. ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Safety

Safety / Security. Pilkington Optilam ... Refer to the Building Regulations (Document N) for the classification of toughened glass, laminated glass or safety wired glass required. 9. Low level glazing - What sort of glass should I use in low level glazing locations and around doors?

Pilkington Insulight™ Protect

Pilkington Insulight™ Protect units use safety glass, security glass, bullet-resistant glass, toughened glass or fire-resistant glass. This range offers not only increased safety and comfort, but can also assure suitable levels of natural light, increased heat insulation and solar control as well.

Laminated Safety Glass - Pilkington

Safety / Security. Pilkington Optilam ... Pilkington Planar™ incorporating Pilkington Laminated Safety Glass has been thoroughly tested for wind load, seismic movements and impact resistance. (DuPont™, the DuPont Oval, and SentryGlas ...

NSG Group Safety Awards 2020 - Pilkington

The judging panel was encouraged to see major safety challenges being met. They focused on significant risk reduction, wider employee involvement, transferability and the idea itself. All the projects clearly demonstrated a high level of commitment to safety, a factor that can help the Group achieve the highest level of safety in an all ...