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Safety / Security Glass Reducing the risk of accident or protecting against deliberate attack. For total reassurance of greater safety and security without compromising levels of natural daylight, we offer a range of glass products. From security to fire resistance, glass can be used to protect a building’s occupants from accidental and ...

Safety Security - Pilkington

Safety & Security Protection from accidents. When defining the type of glass to be used in your rooflight it is important to define whether the glazing is classed as regular or overhead. This can determine the specification of the glass. Ask your window supplier for advice.

Specifying for protection: Safety and Security Glass

Safety glass applies to glazing that reduces the risk of an accident by impact or fracture, while security glass is designed to withstand various deliberate attacks, such as manual, ballistic or blast.

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Safety & Security Protection from accidents. Correctly specified and installed, glass is ideal for use inside the home in a wide range of areas including doors, partitions, balconies, and balustrades. Ensure that you have taken advice on the type of glass to use in each application.

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Safety & Security Protection from accidents. The large areas of glass in Conservatories are what makes them so attractive, the clear view of your garden and the sunny aspect is ideal. However it is very important to check that appropriate glazing has been installed overhead and in floor to ceiling locations.

Guarding and protection: how to specify glass barriers

The use of glass barriers is a common feature of modern architecture. They are used in the stairways and atria of many commercial and residential properties to provide a striking and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional building materials such as brick or wood.

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Fire Protection Glass We offer a wide range of fire-resistant glass options with varying levels of protection to suit your needs. Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only, as designated by the European Standards.

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Safety / Security. Pilkington Optilam ... Refer to the Building Regulations (Document N) for the classification of toughened glass, laminated glass or safety wired glass required. 9. Low level glazing - What sort of glass should I use in low level glazing locations and around doors?

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Safety/Security. Provides impact or impact and penetration resistance to protect people from accidental injury, deliberate attack and damage from criminal activity. Self-Cleaning. Reduces the need for cleaning exterior glazing through a dual-action coating. It uses daylight and rain to break down and wash away organic dirt.