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Noise Control Reduces the noise inside a building to acceptable levels without sacrificing daylight. Project References Noise Control Glass No matter where it originates, from railways, aircraft or factories, noise is all around. Future trend research suggests that traffic and noise in general will only get worse.

Noise control - Pilkington

Noise control If you live near a busy road, railway line or under a flight path you might wish to use glass to reduce the noise to an acceptable level. There are various ways this can be achieved depending on the reduction required including the use of specially developed laminated glass.

Noise control glazing: it’s all so quiet

Specialist noise control glass such as Pilkington Optiphon™ has the ability to dampen and block out low and high frequency sounds thanks to a special polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer ‘sandwiched’ between laminated panes of glass. This acoustic PVB absorbs a portion of the sound energy while reflecting noise outside.

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While ordinary insulating glass units (IGUs) offer some sound insulation, the best insulation is achieved by using an acoustic laminated glass, which controls noise by reflecting sound back towards the source and absorbing sound energy within the glass.

Pilkington Optiphon™

These and other sources of noise such as railways, discos and neighbours can cause people to experience inconvenience, annoyance, stress and even diagnosable illness. Glazing and windows can play an important part in reducing this noise.

Pilkington Insulight™ Phon

Pilkington Insulight™ Phon is a proven and tested solution to the problem of noise control. The enhanced sound insulation of Pilkington Insulight™ Phon insulating glass units is made possible through the use of:

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Noise Control. Pilkington Optiphon ... Ingredients can readily be added to the melter to control the wavelength and percentage of radiation transmitted or absorbed by the finished product. Cobalt and nickel, ferrous and ferric iron, cerium and titanium are all used to control transmission of infrared or ultraviolet waves to differing degrees ...

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Noise Control. Pilkington Optiphon ... Solar control glass is a hi-tech product developed by the glass industry to allow sunlight to pass through a window or façade while radiating and reflecting away a large degree of the sun’s heat. The indoor space stays bright and much cooler than would be the case if normal glass were used.

Turning down the heat with solar control glazing

Solar control glass products are also available in toughened or laminated form for safety and security requirements, and can be combined with other benefits such as noise control. This means such solutions can offer greater value to end users than just reduced internal temperatures.

Solar control - Pilkington

Solar control Reducing heat from the sun. Having too much heat or light enter through the window during the warmer months can present as much of a problem as trying to keep heat in during the colder ones. Anyone who has installed a conservatory on a South facing wall will testify to the high temperatures they have to endure.