NSG TEC™ products are a perfect option for touch screen cover lites where a TCO coating is required. Our range of NSG TEC™ products provide excellent performance at a competitive price point. NSG TEC™ glass is very durable and robust.

For capacitive and resistive touch screens, a transparent conductor is needed. 
NSG TEC™ products use fluorine doped tin oxide as the TCO, and offer an excellent value alternative to ITO.

NSG TEC™ products are easily fabricated, including cutting, tempering and bending.

Our range of NSG TEC™ products are available in a variety of substrates and thicknesses, including low iron and clear glass. 
NSG TEC™ can be tuned to specific customer requirements.


● More cost effective than ITO coatings
● Widest range of TCO sheet resistant products available
● Durable and robust coatings
● Coatings available on a range of glass thicknesses
● Capability of tuning coatings to meet specific requirements
● Large stock sizes up to 6000 x 3210 mm depending on product type and thickness


● Anti-static
● EMI shielding
● Heated glazing
● Active component of touch screens


● Digital displays
● Touch screens
● Digital signage