Pilkington OptiView™ Protect

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect for outdoor digital signage

Many signage installations are used outdoors. Outdoor applications require additional strength and security. Laminated Pilkington OptiView™ Protect offers many of benefits for outdoor signage.

  • High light transmission: >90%
  • Low reflection: <2%
  • Neutral color
  • Large sizes available up to 6000 × 3210 mm depending on product type and thickness
  • UV Control. UV and IR rays can damage displays. Laminated Pilkington OptiView™ Protect blocks almost 100% of UV and reduces infrared radiation.

Safety & Security

Vandal resistant. Pilkington OptiView™ Protect is a laminated safety glass that performs under impact. Ordinary glass shatters into large pieces when impacted. Laminated lites of Pilkington OptiView™ Protect may break when impacted, but the glass fragments will remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, minimizing the risk of injury.


Pilkington OptiView™ Protect is durable and easy to clean like ordinary glass. Pilkington OptiView™ Protect meets the requirements of EN1096-2, Class A.

  • Acid resistance
  • Condensation resistance
  • Salt spray resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Pencil hardness 8H

Design flexibility

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect can be bent, toughened, heat-strengthened, painted for spandrel and a ceramic frit can be applied. Custom designs, images, logos, text, patterns, or tinted interlayers can be laminated into the lites to create a truly customize design or application.

Easy installation

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect is easily installed. Most laminated combinations can be easily cut to size and fabricated.

No visual distortion

Distortion can occur with heat-strengthened and toughened glass, known as roller wave distortion. Pilkington OptiView™ Protect provides crisp, clean views, free of distortion.

Available thicknesses

  • 6,4 mm laminated glass
  • 8,4 mm laminated glass
  • 12,4 mm laminated glass


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