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Internal Glazing Today's homes reflect the trends for families to spend more time together so they are often open plan which provides a great feeling of space. However many activities can be going on in one large area.

The Beauty of Glazing - Inside and Out - Pilkington

Decorative glass ranges combine aesthetics and functionality. Looking ahead to the next generation of interior design trends, it’s likely that internal glazing will continue to play a major role as more of us look to take advantage of the benefits and flexibility that glass offers. To read Kristian’s article in full, click here.

The crucial role of glazing in energy efficient homes

A specific way that homes can be improved in this area is triple-glazed windows, as explicitly referenced in the CCC’s report. Triple glazing units with two panes of low-emissivity (low-e) coated glass will provide significantly higher thermal insulation performance than a standard double glazing solution.

Structural glazing and building design-a changing skyline - Pilkington

This was achieved using the Pilkington Planar™ point-supported glazing system to secure panes of up to 1.5m by almost 3.5m of 12mm Pilkington Optiwhite™ true low-iron glass to a series of 26-metre-wide one-piece horizontal trusses spanning the atrium. Additional vertical support was provided by low-profile stainless steel tension rods. A total of 970 sq m of glass was used, weighing around ...

The Good Glass Guide - Pilkington

If the glass is at low level (e.g. within 800mm of the floor level and 1500mm in or near a door) you will need to use a safety glass, such as toughened or laminated glass. Where the glass divides two areas with a floor height difference, it may need to act as a barrier for protection against falling.

Glass and Thermal Stress - Pilkington

Details of any internal or external blind/louvres ; Details of any back up i.e where a panel makes up a level to a floor or ceiling behind the glass allowing hot air to be trapped and reflecting back at the glass. The framing material including thermal breaks and frame colour. The window size and if it opens. I.e. changes the angle to the sun.

Glass and Manual Attack - Pilkington

Laminated glass can be designed to withstand a varied level of abuse by mixing the glass thickness for strength and the amount of interlayer that binds the glass together to improve penetration resistance. Even when broken laminated glass can still provide protection and slow the would be assailant down.

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice - Pilkington

BS EN 1036: Glass in building - Mirrors from silver-coated float glass for internal use. Part 1: Definitions, requirements and test methods; Part 2: Evaluation of Conformity/Product standard; BS EN 1063: Glass in building - Security glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack. BS EN 1096: Glass in building ...

Glass Strength - Pilkington

The structure allows atoms or molecules to move past each other where glass does not. The freedom in other materials may lead to permanent deformation where glass returns to its shape once the load is removed. Forces applied to materials give rise to stress which is a measure of the internal forces per unit area.

Specification Checklist - Pilkington

Size of glass pane and glazing angle if the glass is not within 15 degrees of vertical; Method of fixing e.g. fully framed, two edge supported; Single or double glazed etc and any glass type preferences e.g. toughened, laminated etc. Design wind load and snow load for the location. For sloping glazing this can be the upward and downward loads ...

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