Pilkington Plateau™ - high quality glass for acrylic casting


  • Pilkington United Kingdom has been supplying toughened glass to the acrylic casting industry since the mid 1930s when I.C.I. first developed the process of casting acrylic between two sheets of glass.
  • The glass used was toughened at the initial stages of development and is still mainly used today.
  • In the early 1950s a formal collaboration between I.C.I. and Pilkington United Kingdom was established.  
  • Joint development work was initiated and, by the early 1960s, led to a very much improved standard of flatness, glass thickness and edge control on the glass.
  • In the early 1960s we capitalised on the toughening expertise gained through working with I.C.I. by developing ‘Glass for Acrylic Casting’ export opportunities to bring forward the improvements.
  • Further manufacturing developments by I.C.I. in the early 1970s produced benefits in glass flatness and cost.
  • Initially Europe and the U.S.A. were the main markets followed quickly by development further afield in Latin America and latterly in S.E. Asia and China.
  • In the early 1990s the Pilkington Plateau™ Trademark was registered and the range was developed further to offer a specific named product to the market.
  • Today we have customers worldwide most of whom utilise the Pilkington Plateau™ toughened and etched range of glasses in their casting process.