Pilkington Insulight™ With ScreenLine

Pilkington Insulight™  

ScreenLine® Blinds


Comfort and Control for Commercial and Domestic Buildings.

Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® blinds is an advanced tilting and lifting integral Venetian blind system designed specifically for commercial applications, such as healthcare, education, leisure and workplace environments, but is also the ideal choice for domestic applications, such as conservatories, kitchens or bathrooms as well as many other applications including internal partitioning. Blind systems other than Venetian are also available, such as pleated, black-out and roller. 

Screen Line Blinds are operated manually or electronically depending on the chosen system. The slats raise, lower and tilt using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass, guaranteeing the units hermetic seal. Raising and lowering is achieved by selecting one of several operating devices available that drive the external magnetic device. The electrically operated blind works in a similar way with the press of a button.
The various systems offer outstanding control against glare and a build up of heat, and can be operated by an external or internal drive system (manual or electronic) enabling the user to regulate their own comfort with ease. 

The interstitial blind is sealed within the cavity of the insulated glazing unit, which prevents it from becoming dirty or dusty or damaged.

The internal components of all Screen Line integrated blinds are guaranteed for 5 years (subject to manufacturing process). External components are guaranteed for 2 years (subject to inspection for 'normal use'). 

Systems Offered

• C-System – Full manual control - or externally mounted motor
• B-System – Manual bottom control
• S-System – Manual sliding magnet control  
• P-System – Manual knob control
• MB-System – concealed brushless motor (within the head rail)  
• Solar powered systems also available on request

For further information emailestimating.plyglass@nsg.com

To view Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® in various commercial and residential applications watch the following videos from Pellini our suppliers of ScreenLine® blinds. 



  • Suitable for installation both internally and externally.
  • Incorporated within the glass unit cavity without compromising the integrity of the hermetic seal.
  • Can be manually operated via wand, cord or rotational knob control, as well as motorised which can be controlled via programmable infra-red or radio frequency remote units.
  • Can be used within a full range of glazing options including solar control, thermal insulation including triple glazed, noise reduction and fire resistance.
  • Blinds can be tilted to regulate precisely the level of light and heat entering the building.
  • Unbeatable protection against glare and build-up of heat.
  • Totally hygienic – no dirt,dust or bacteria build up.
  • Slats cannot be damaged
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Represent the finest quality and reliability.


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