Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect Plus

Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect Plus

A new generation of safety mirror.


Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect Plus is a new generation of safety mirror providing the optimum choice for all interior mirror applications where safety and aesthetics are paramount.

It comes as standard on Pilkington Optiwhite™, a true low-iron glass that is practically colourless, and is therefore also ideal for applications where glass edges are visible or where transparency and enhanced clarity are desired.

Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect Plus brings style, resilience and safety to multiple interior applications in a diverse range of sectors:

  • Public spaces
  • Public transport, e.g. trains, planes, ships
  • Stations and airports
  • Commercial applications e.g. office blocks
  • Beauty salons & Boutiques
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Leisure applications e.g. gymnasiums
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • General domestic environments


  • Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect Plus achieves Class 3 (B) 3 to BS EN 12600 for pendulum body impact resistance. If broken, glass remains in place until easily and safely replaced.
  • An optically flat surface is maintained with no roller wave, enhancing aesthetics and providing a visually stunning mirror.
  • Available from stock in 3210 × 2550 sheets (4.3 mm thickness).
  • Pilkington Optiwhite™ version available as standard.
  • Grey and Bronze available on request.
  • The stock sheets can be cut, drilled and edge worked using standard glass processing equipment unlike toughened glass.
  • Passes the durability tests in EN 1036, the European Standard for conventional mirrors.
  • Satisfies the requirements for Class O material for Approved Document B (Fire Safety).
  • Environmentally friendly – low-energy process, lightweight, no heavy metals or toxic elements used.
  • Compatible with a range of adhesives for internal applications and can be used in various fixing systems.


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