Warm reception for Pilkington at USHA Fire Seminar

Warm reception for Pilkington at USHA Fire Seminar

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12 Jul 2013

There was a warm reception for Pilkington when its fire expert talked about design and product considerations when specifying fire glazing at the USHA Fire Seminar in June.


Steve Bond

Formed in 1972, the Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) is an organisation for the promotion of safety and health in higher education. USHA's mission is to ensure the wellbeing of university staff, students and visitors through the promotion of health and safety in higher education. A key part of that mission is education and information exchange through conferences and seminars such as the Fire Group Seminar.

Held at Manchester Conference Centre and with a theme of human factors and the higher education built environment, the seminar attracted more than sixty fire safety advisers and officers and health and safety managers from universities across the UK. Delegates listened to experts on a range of topics such as human behaviour in fire and legislation in the built environment.

The two day seminar also featured a tutorial on fire resistant glazing from Steve Bond, NSG Group's Customer Support Manager for Fire in the UK & Ireland. Steve illustrated to the audience how glass reacts when subjected to heat and the technologies available to provide protection from thirty minutes up to three hours. He also introduced the Group's new advanced toughened glass for fire resistance, Pilkington Pyroclear®, taking the opportunity to explain that this product is based on NSG Group proprietary technology and combines the best available expertise in both automotive and architectural premium glass processing.

Steve comments, "This was a great opportunity to meet with decision-makers in the education sector and discuss with them recent product innovations."

Questions fielded by Steve during the second day included marking of fire and safety glass and test sizes for glazed screens.

He adds, "With the comprehensive range of fire resistant glass available and the complex regulatory environment, it is important to have a solid understanding to aid the specification process. Events like this help us share our knowledge and expertise in fire protection with a wider audience."

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