The Certass Thermal Rating Register

The Certass Thermal Rating Register

Press Release
17 Aug 2010

The Certass Thermal Rating Register (TRR) has launched a new initiative which will enable fabricators and installers to obtain a Window Energy Rating (WER) quickly and cost effectively. The scheme, designed in association with Pilkington Building Products in the UK, enables registered companies to change IGU suppliers without the necessity of having to arrange and pay for another simulation In addition, the scheme will make it possible for an installer or trade supplier to buy frames and glazing separately and  achieve a WER rating.

At present, in order for a WER to be awarded, each window design must be individually simulated by an accredited simulator. Once the configuration of window components has been approved the rating only applies to that particular window design. This means that in practice significant costs can be incurred when complex changes are required, which for smaller companies can become an obstacle to obtaining a WER. As a result of feedback from its members, Certass has recognised these problems and has agreed to the use of the independently verified WER V4 calculator from Pilkington Building Products.

Barrie Smith-Wright, MD of Certass says: “This system can be used to identify a WER to any rating up to and including an A. The system will also free up installers who prefer to buy their own insulating glass units. There have been numerous tales of woe from IGU manufacturers that they are excluded from supplying glass to their existing customers due to restrictions placed on fabricators and installers regarding change of suppliers. Using this system all a company has to do is make sure its factory production control is formalised to allow for inspection by TRR.” The TRR scheme will use the output of the Pilkington WER V4 to enable them to separately produce a label for the member company and carry out the company audit based on the produced window specification. This streamlines procedures for the registered company, allows choice, easy substitution and provides the most simple and effective solution for WERs in the industry to date. It will also remove one of the main difficulties experienced by IGU manufacturers and installers by encouraging free trade for IGU manufacturers.

Andy McDowell, national sales manager, Pilkington Building Products UK & Ireland says: “We are delighted that TRR has recognised the problems that our customers are facing to achieve a WER in the short time left to comply with the new regulations and that it has been able to use our data which has been independently calculated by Build Check within its scheme. WER Disk V4 data will be available free of charge for Pilkington customers and for a small fee to customers of other glass manufacturers.”

TRR is a division of Certass the government licensed competent person scheme for England & Wales. Certass is a member driven organisation that was brought to the market to increase competition following industry demand. Its presence has helped to reduce the cost burden of regulation for installers and, now, fabricators alike. Given the huge number of companies who have yet to do anything about gaining a C rating and will, potentially, be unable to sell windows after October, Pilkington and Certass both welcome the simplification of WER rating thus speeding up the registration process.”