Overhaul of regulations long overdue - says Fire Safety Federation

Overhaul of regulations long overdue - says Fire Safety Federation

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27 Nov 2015
Building Regulations for fire safety are long overdue an overhaul. That was the conclusion of a recent members’ survey carried out by the Fire Safety Federation (FSF).

The survey revealed that 92% members of the FSF believe Approved Document B and associated building regulations should be subject to a comprehensive review.

With representatives from those who work within the built, natural, fire and rescue and national resilience environments, the FSF is an organisation that seeks to give voice to and exert influence in shaping future policy and strategy related to the UK Fire Sector.

Last subjected to a major review in 2006, Approved Document B covers the technical guidance contained in Part B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations in England. Volume 1 deals with dwelling houses and volume 2 covers other buildings.

Areas of focus identified by the FSF survey include the need to address inconsistencies in building definitions and bring the guidance in line with modern construction methods, design and usage.

In separate research carried out in 2005, the Association of British Insurers indicated that the inclusion of fire safety management in Approved Document B would prevent £1bn worth of fire-related damage over 25 years.

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