NSG Group instrumental in changes to ECO funding

NSG Group instrumental in changes to ECO funding

Press Release
18 Apr 2012

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, this week unveiled details of the Government’s home improvement scheme, which they hope will not only raise energy efficiency within our homes but will also provide help to vulnerable and low income households.

In a speech to leading industry figures, he revealed that at least £540 million of the Government’s home energy efficiency programme will be targeted at helping the poorest. This will financed through the energy companies providing an estimated £1.3bn a year of support and will, it is hoped, provide a smooth introduction of Green Deal later this year. Under the Deal, energy companies will be able to step in to top up loans for installing energy efficient measures, such as glazing, under the Energy Company Obligation.

In a move that has been welcomed by the NSG Group and the glazing industry, the Government confirmed that glazing will be eligible for ECO funding.  In his speech, Nick Clegg said “A large proportion of the Energy Company Obligation will be targeted at solid wall insulation, but support will opened up for more measures than before. And, where solid wall insulation is being installed, this can be accompanied by other measures which reduce heat loss from a property, such as glazing”.

Inclusion of glazing to qualify for ECO funding is the result, at least in part, of extensive engagement with Government by NSG Group, in particular with the Department of Energy and Climate Change, which has seen the Group provide assistance and technical support on raising the effectiveness of solid wall insulation as part of an optimum approach.

Tony Smith, Business Development Manager, Pilkington United Kingdom Ltd said “This announcement shows that the ‘collaborative partnership’ approach, which DECC Minister Greg Barker mentioned in his speech at ECO Build last month, has vindicated the hard work we have been doing on behalf of the window industry and for greater success of the Green Deal.”

The latest announcements follow months of debate over the Government’s flagship Green Deal scheme, which the NSG Group has been fully behind and for which it will be continuing to provide support ahead of the launch of the Deal in October.