No change for windows in Part L 2013 announcement

News Item
30 Jul 2013
The government has announced changes to the energy efficiency requirements (Part L) in the Building Regulations for England. Contrary to the proposals made during the consultation, there will be no changes for replacement windows or new windows for extensions.

According to the announcement, new homes will get a 6% uplift – effectively, meaning a fabric first approach – and new non-domestic buildings get a 9% uplift.

For existing homes, there will be no change in standards for replacement windows or extensions this time round but future upgrades have not been ruled out. In its statement, the government defended its decision not to proceed at this time with a strengthening of the minimum energy efficiency standards for replacement windows. It cited a potential inconsistency with recent reforms to extend permitted development rights under the planning system and also concerns about imposing additional costs on home improvements.

In terms of timescales, the amending regulations will be laid before Parliament shortly and the associated Impact Assessment published at the same time. Updated statutory guidance and calculation methodologies will be published during the course of this summer with the changes coming into force on 6th April 2014.