NHBC Foundation report reveals big drop in neighbour noise complaints

News Item
09 May 2014

The NHBC Foundation has reported an encouraging drop in noise complaints by owners of new attached homes following the introduction of tough new industry standards in 2003.

The report ‘Sound Progress’ looks at feedback to NHBC from owners of new homes built since the raising of standards for sound insulation in Building Regulations and the introduction of robustdetails® as a means of compliance.

The main finding from this study is a significant reduction in noise-related concerns from homeowners, concluding that occupants of new-build attached homes are reporting fewer and fewer concerns over sound transmission from adjacent properties.

Neil Jefferson, NHBC Director, said: “We are very encouraged by these findings which show that there has been a significant drop in noise complaints by owners of new homes”.

Dave Baker, Robust Details Limited’s CEO, said: “It’s good to see further, independent evidence of the UK house-building industry’s excellent response to the challenge of meeting regulatory standards for noise transmission since the widespread uptake of robustdetails®, first introduced ten years ago.”

Full details of these findings will be presented by the report’s author at Robust Details Limited’s forthcoming Regional Seminars ‘Sound Effects’ – for full details please click here to visit the website