My Pilkington gives power to the customer

My Pilkington gives power to the customer

News Item
26 Nov 2013

A new online utility calculation program has been launched which increases the power available to customers and makes the glass specification process easier. Available to customers registered with My PilkingtonTM, the new calculator allows the user to undertake loading calculations to determine appropriate specifications for glass used in partitions, aquaria and floors. The utility calculator enhances the Mechanical Strength and Thermal Stress calculators already available in My PilkingtonTM.

My PilkingtonTM is the online business support that provides customers and specifiers with direct access to a wealth of information and resources through the Pilkington website 24 hours a day. Customers are able to manage their company profiles by completing details of the products and services they offer. This information then populates the trade or retail supplier finders as appropriate. These supplier finders are searched by the many thousands of homeowners and clients viewing the website every month to source their glass and glazing requirements. Window installers and commercial glazing installers can also promote their services in this way.

In its 'Think Safety' section, My PilkingtonTM provides materials which can be utilised to foster further improvements to health and safety practices in the glass industry. Free product literature and samples can be ordered swiftly and efficiently and, of keen interest to technical advisors, estimators and sales representatives everywhere, there is a section dedicated to glass calculations - now boasting the new utility calculator.

"The introduction of the utility calculator increases the potential for transforming enquiries into orders," explains Phil Brown, Manager of the Technical Advisory Service in the UK & Ireland. "Combined with the existing programs, it means customers can very quickly carry out calculations on a range of applications such as glass floors, barriers, wind and snow loading, as well assessing the risk of thermal fracture for commercial projects. If customers are involved in supplying glass for these applications and are not already registered, they should do so as soon as possible. Registration is free and easy and it opens up a whole world of technical and sales support from Pilkington."

For more information on how to access My PilkingtonTM, please click here.