Make a Product Knowledge New Year resolution

Make a Product Knowledge New Year resolution

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10 Dec 2013

This is the time of the year when we reflect upon the previous twelve months and start to look forward to next year.


PK2 course September 2013

Making (and breaking) New Year's resolutions has a long tradition, with historical and religious origins. A New Year's resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad (or both!) on the first day of the year. Yet, a 2007 study reported that 88% of those setting New Year resolutions failed.

One New Year resolution worth making (and keeping) is to improve your product knowledge by attending one of our training courses in 2014. The programme has just been announced and includes the popular introductory and intermediate level PK1 and advanced level PK2 courses. If spending two or three days away from your business is difficult in these challenging times, then you may be more interested in the short duration courses on specialist subjects such as energy performance and fire protection.

"Increasing your knowledge is not only about self-improvement," explains Phil Brown, Technical Advisory Service Manager and course organiser. "It is an opportunity to give yourself a competitive edge over your rivals. With easy access to the internet and social media networks, your customers are much more well-informed than ever before. Unless you demonstrate you are knowledgeable about the products you sell, you could end up losing the sale."

Each training course is designed to provide you with the technical knowledge and support materials you need to maximise commercial opportunities when you return to your business. A bonus of attending the PK1 course is a tour of our new state-of-the-art offline coater in St Helens, where we manufacture energy saving glass such as Pilkington K Glass™ S, Pilkington Optitherm™ S1 Plus and Pilkington Suncool™.

"Make a resolution to improve your product knowledge in 2014," urges Phil. "Knowing your Optitherms from your Optiwhites could make the difference in converting sales leads into orders."

Product Knowledge – be clued up, get signed up. Book your place now and make it a Happy New Year!

Please click here for details of the Pilkington Product Knowledge training course for 2014.