Latest graduates from Pilkington school of knowledge

Latest graduates from Pilkington school of knowledge

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30 Sep 2013
Just as many school and college leavers spent the summer sweating over exam results, a few nerves were shown by the latest graduates from the Pilkington school of Product Knowledge. They need not have worried, though, as all passed with flying colours.
PK2 course September 2013

Open to NSG Group employees and customers, the Advanced Product Knowledge course is designed for those in the glass and glazing industry who require greater confidence when discussing technical enquiries with architects and specifiers. It provides them with a fuller understanding of the Pilkington product range to aid the specification process.

Popularly known as PK2, the latest course took place at the end of September and attracted representatives from Finland, Poland and Malaysia as well as the UK. There was input from experts from the NSG Group's European Technical Centre at Lathom in Lancashire, with specialist subjects such as glass strength, sustainability and structural glazing.

Prominent in the course were the new Mechanical Strength and Thermal Safety online calculators. Available via the MyPilkington business support tool, these programs allow the user to determine a suitable glass specification based on wind, snow and barrier loadings and also assess the risk of thermal fracture.

"PK2 is pretty intense," explains Phil Brown, Manager of the Technical Advisory Service for the UK & Ireland, "but the participants find it enjoyable and of value. Compared with the introductory PK1 course, we provide more in-depth analysis of the Pilkington product range. We arm those that attend with the tools and knowledge they need to get the right Pilkington product specified in the right application."

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