Landlords are key market for ECO installers under Green Deal

News Item
05 Feb 2013

Tenants in private rented housing want to go green - but are least likely to be benefiting from energy efficient, money saving upgrades, new research from the Energy Saving Trust has found.

The exclusive survey of more than 2,000 UK adults found of those living in privately rented housing:

  • 39 per cent were interested in an energy efficient boiler upgrade
  • 44 per cent were interested in double glazing
  • 45 per cent were interested in insulation

When it comes to insulation, research shows that homes in private rented accommodation with cavity walls are least likely to have cavity wall insulation fitted (34 per cent) compared with homes owned outright or mortgaged (51 per cent).

But the biggest opportunity for the private rented sector, according to the EST, is solid wall insulation, with nearly half of homes being suitable for this measure, which is approved to receive funding under the ECO as part of the Green Deal.

The full press release can be found via the link below.