Keep fit for the future

News Item
23 Jul 2014
We need to make homes fit for the future. This is the call from a report published by the UK Green Building Council and supported by several supporters of energy efficiency.

'A housing stock fit for the future' concludes that we should make home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority in the UK. The benefits of home energy efficiency are made clear: reduced carbon emissions, economic growth and job creation, reduced energy bills and fuel poverty, increased energy security and improved health and wellbeing.

To fully integrate energy efficiency into the UK's national infrastructure plan, all political parties are urged to:
- Make home energy efficiency a top infrastructure priority
- Support investment with a long term revenue stream
- Achieve 1 million deep retrofits each year by 2020

As well as the potential to double the number of jobs in the sector in all regions of the UK, investing in energy efficiency can provide a major source of additional income for Government. Lessons can be learned from Germany where the KfW refurbishment programme has been successful. Through this programme, for every €1 of public funds spent, more than €15 was invested in construction and retrofit and over €4 was returned to the public finances in taxes and reduced welfare expenditure.

The report also highlights that upgrading the existing building stock can reduce our reliance on imported gas by 19%, saving £2 billion in gas imports every year.

The message is clear: by focusing on energy efficiency, we can ensure that our homes are fit for the future.

A copy of the 'A housing stock fit for the future' report can be downloaded by clicking here.