Pilkington lastest household survey - highlights the continuing trend for home improvements.

Kate Watson-Smyth discusses the latest household research carried out by Pilkington United Kingdom Limited in a series of radio interviews.

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13 Jan 2017

The latest research by Pilkington highlights that the average UK homeowner has spent £11,240 on home improvements during the last five years

With UK householders choosing to improve rather than move, which generation is spending the most on their home and which areas are considered the heart of the home? All these questions and more answered

  • 66% of British homeowners have made improvements in the last five years, with 70% having renovated in the last year alone
  • The average UK homeowner has spent £11,240 on home improvements during the last five years
  • This has risen significantly in the last year - in the last 12 months ALONE we have already spent closer to £7,500 (£7,456). This suggests we are more passionate than ever about home improvements and renovations
  • But are these trends set to continue? Award-winning homes and interiors blogger, renovation expert and journalist, Kate Watson-Smyth, discusses…

Most of us will make a New Year's resolution - perhaps to lose weight, quit smoking or drink less - but how many of us will actually achieve our goal? According to a new report, two-thirds (60%) of homeowners say they are lining up a DIY project for the New Year. But are they going about it in the right way to actually…finish?

Despite ambitious home improvement aspirations, 70 per cent of homeowners say that have started but never quite completed their improvement to-do lists. According to data from Pilkington United Kingdom Limited surveying 1,000 UK homeowners, women have carried out more home improvements than men over the last five years, but are more likely to slip behind schedule.

Those in the South East are likely to spend the most on a home improvement project – but also top the list of those never completing, closely followed by Wales and those in the East.

So, why do we start home improvements? Creating more light - something we often use modern glazing to achieve - is a key motivation, something one in eight of us (13%) say is in our top five reasons for renovating. Carrying out repairs or essential maintenance (59%), adding value to the property (41%), weatherproofing (23%) and creating more space (22%) also appear.

But do we hit breaking point when things get tough?

On average UK homeowners spent almost £4,000 (£3,877) on improving/building kitchens, with the over-55s spending nearly £4,746 in comparison to 25--34-year-olds, who spent £2,531 on average.

Again, the idea of using glass to create more light and airy spaces is seen in our kitchen wish list, with almost one in ten (9%) lusting after a glass box extension. Other things we’d love to invest in are granite worktops (29%), built in appliances (18%), a kitchen island (16%), or a boiling water tap (16%).

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