Jacqueline Foster MEP visits Cowley Hill site

Press Release
19 Jun 2012
NSG recently welcomed Jacqueline Foster, North West MEP, to the Pilkington UK Cowley Hill site where she toured the facility and was extremely interested in the technology behind glass manufacturing.
Phil Brown, European Regulatory Marketing Manager, highlighted some of the challenges facing high energy users in making products in the UK. Multi-million pound investments are necessary to enable us to produce high performance energy saving glass but Global market conditions are poor, particularly in Europe including the UK. With continued pressure on our operations due to increased input costs eg energy, materials, etc as well as environmental 'taxes', it is important that European and UK policy and legislation put more emphasis on the need to create opportunities for energy saving products in buildings and kick start the economy.

Jacqueline commented; "Pilkington has a proud tradition of manufacturing in the North West and they are a well known employer, committed to the region and are frequently at the cutting edge of technology. I was really impressed with the development of new products and how they are contributing to the UK's export-led recovery. Since the acquisition some years ago, I am delighted to see that parent company, NSG Group, is making significant investment in their UK manufacturing operations.”