How to be a glass detective

How to be a glass detective

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30 Jan 2017
Many of us have fancied ourselves as detectives, solving mysteries with our cleverness, cunning and sharp eye for detail. Watching television murder mysteries, we have claimed to have identified the culprit long before Poirot and Barnaby. A new training course from Pilkington United Kingdom Limited offers customers the opportunity to become detectives: glass detectives.

Introduced for 2017, as part of our popular Product Knowledge training course programme, the Fractography (FRAC) course is designed for those in the glass industry who carry out site visits.

“One of the modules of our PK2 training course that generates most feedback is Glass Strength,” explains Phil Brown, Technical Advisory Service Manager, UK & Ireland. “In this module, we spend a little time on assessing glass breakages. Based on positive feedback from customers, we have expanded this into its own, stand-alone training course.”

Hosted at our Technical Centre at Lathom in Lancashire, the course is a half-day course covering anatomy of a failure origin, tools of the trade, finding the fracture origin and recognising fracture patterns. There are also real life case studies in which attendees can test their newly-acquired skills of deduction.

“Customers attending the course will gain an appreciation of what to look for when investigating glass fractures,” adds Phil. “With our glass analysis experts at Lathom, we provide customers with the skills to aid them in determining likely causes of breakage. This will help them to resolve disputes and identify solutions.”

For information on our Fractography course, as well as our traditional Product Knowledge training, please click here.