Greg McClymont MP and Cathie Craigie MSP visit Pilkington Cumbernauld

News Item
23 Jun 2011
On 11th February 2011, Greg McClymont MP and Cathie Craigie MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) visited Pilkington’s Cumbernauld operations.
They met with Tony Smith, Market Development Manager, Geoff Todd and Jim Davidson to discuss the implementation of the Green Deal in Scotland. The team highlighted the ‘high-tech’ activities of the NSG group, and our significant work in the Solar Energy sector via our UK5 float line which has created valuable jobs for the St Helens area and high export volumes into the Solar Energy market sector. Cathie Craigie has since helped Pilkington to investigate if the Energy Bill and Green Deal will implemented in Scotland and if she can pressure the Scottish Government to push for the inclusion of glazing in the Green Deal.