Green Deal Update

Press Release
22 Sep 2011
Green Deal is the Coalition Government’s flagship policy for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings in Great Britain. It is a new market framework and is based on a key principle that the cost of some energy efficiency measures pay for themselves, in effect, through the resulting savings on fuel bills.
Why the GGF is engaging with Government regarding the Green Deal
Enabling householders to install energy efficiency measures at no upfront cost is a revolutionary idea that holds enormous potential benefit for the construction industry. This is true for the glazing industry in particular, as glazing is a popular
measure with consumers, but, due to its bespoke nature, one which can be prohibitively expensive. Other Government schemes to improve energy efficiency have excluded glazing, to the detriment of the industry. At first, glazing was not going to be included in the Green Deal. This would have denied the industry the opportunity to benefit from yet another Government scheme.

The GGF lobbied the Government to guarantee that windows would be included in the Green Deal and to ensure that its members stood to benefit from the initiative. Windows are now eligible for funding. However, the work continues. The GGF is constantly lobbying Ministers, MPs and civil servants, fighting hard every step of the way to guarantee that its members will not be disadvantaged. The GGF is also partnering with other stakeholders to strengthen its messages to Government, and ensure the best possible outcome for its members. 

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