Government Construction Summit 2013

News Item
07 Aug 2013
The GGF attended the Government Construction Summit at the beginning of July. At the Summit, the Government launched its “Construction 2025” report.
A copy of the report can be found here:

The keys headlines are:
• Lower costs – 33% reduction in the initial cost of construction and the whole life cost of built assets
• Lower emissions – 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment
• Faster delivery – 50% reduction in the overall time, from inception to completion, for new build and refurbished assets
• Improvement in exports – 50% reduction in the trade gap between total exports and total imports for construction products and materials
• To achieve this, the Government believe the construction industry need to concentrate on the following:
• People – having trained competent staff to do the job
• SMART – invest in SMART construction and digital design. Bring forward research and development and utilise Building Information Modelling.
• Sustainable – an industry that leads the world in low carbon and green construction products
• Growth – construction drives growth across the entire economy
• Leadership – construction needs clear leadership

The Government were committed to construction and recognise the importance of construction in the UK economy. With the spending review they have secured finance for projects which they now want to start delivering. The concentration appears to be on infrastructure with the Government investment going primarily into roads and rail however, there is going to be spending on a schools programme with finance coming from the private finance mechanism PF2.

The Government also announced a “Fair Payment Charter” – the general mood of the audience was main contractors should pay on time and not have retentions however, is this just another scheme?
The GGF will keep Members posted on this incoming Charter.