Glazing Industry Gives Election Wish List in Pilkington United Kingdom Limited Survey

Glazing Industry Gives Election Wish List in Pilkington United Kingdom Limited Survey

Press Release
06 May 2015
Businesses from across the glass and glazing supply chain, including fabricators, installers and architects have set out their priorities for the next government, with an emphasis on new housing, planning laws and skills initiatives.
  • Robust plan for new homes named as top priority by 20 per cent of respondents
  • 15 per cent consider planning law reform the most pressing issue
  • Investment in skills also high on the agenda, with 13 per cent calling for more education and training programmes
  • Promotion of large commercial projects and investment in infrastructure named chief concern by 12 per cent and six per cent respectively

The survey, answered by 318 Pilkington United Kingdom Limited customers, asked businesses to name the outcomes they would most like to see from the forthcoming General Election and the resulting government.

Of the respondents, 20 per cent said a long-term plan for construction of new homes was the top priority, followed by 15 per cent calling for a further relaxation in the planning laws for minor alterations to properties.

One in seven (14 per cent) said improving the energy efficiency of existing housing stock by incentivising home owners and landlords was their main concern while support for education and training schemes to inject vital skills into the industry were singled out by 13 per cent.

Other priorities named were commercial construction projects (12 per cent) and large-scale infrastructure investment (six per cent).

Andy McDowell, commercial director at Pilkington United Kingdom Limited said: “This is a critical time for the glass and glazing industry, with confidence beginning to return to spending in many areas.

“It’s vital that the new government does everything it can to ensure these trends continue, and our customers clearly believe that building new homes, upgrading existing housing stock and injecting skills into the industry will play a central role in this.

“From the discussions I’ve had with businesses across the supply chain, there is an anticipation of a return to growth, and I hope the new government, of whichever colour or colours it turns out to be, will do what it needs to do to support our industry’s ambitions.”