Glass for Europe launches CPR guide

Glass for Europe launches CPR guide

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23 Apr 2013
Glass for Europe has launched a guide to the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the successor to the Construction Products Directive (CPD). Published ahead of the implementation date of 1st July 2013 and tailored specifically for the glass industry, the guide highlights the main changes and presents answers to the most frequently asked questions from the glass supply chain.
CE Marking

Representing 90% of Europe’s flat glass production, Glass for Europe is the trade association for Europe’s flat glass manufacturers, including the NSG Group.

Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe explains, "We realise that picking out what industry wants to know and needs to apply from a very general piece of EU legislation is not necessarily easy. The guide aims to bridge the gap from legislation to real industrial practice because we feel that it is part of Glass for Europe’s mission to give meaningful support to the glass industry”.

The new regulation aims to build upon the CPD by removing technical barriers to trade in construction products, including glass. Specifically for manufacturers and processors in the UK, CE Marking becomes mandatory under the CPR.

Phil Brown, Technical Advisory Service Manager for the UK & Ireland and European Regulatory Marketing Manager, has responsibility for CE Marking in the NSG Group. He says, "Although Pilkington products have been CE Marked since 2005, the CPR brings with it some important changes for us - not least the provision of a Declaration of Performance. There are still parts of the regulation that are vague and subject to further clarification, so the Glass for Europe guide helps to interpret these specifically for the glass in building sector. Practical examples are provided to help glass manufacturers, processors and merchants understand their responsibilities from 1st July."

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