Glass for Europe gets smart with energy efficient glazing

News Item
13 Nov 2013
A new publication from Glass for Europe demonstrates that glass is an essential contributor to low energy and sustainable buildings.

The smart use of glass in sustainable buildings showcases many examples of low energy and sustainable buildings in Europe where glass plays a fundamental role. It covers a range of different building types located in various European climatic conditions, all of which achieve high energy efficiency standards and high sustainability criteria thanks to their glazing.

"Modern glazing solutions provide natural daylight into buildings, reduce building energy demand for heating, cooling and lighting, while generating minimal environmental impact," commented Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe, the trade association for Europe's flat glass manufacturers. "As such, glass is a product of choice for sustainable building design."

Most of the buildings featured in the publication have won prizes or obtained top grades of sustainability certification schemes for minimal environmental impact. It shows the positive role of glass in sustainable low energy buildings and confirms that, with the wide availability of high performance glass technologies, the days of considering glass as a weak point in the building envelope are in the very distant past. In fact, the publication highlights that enlarging the size of high performance windows helps to reduce energy consumption in most climates. In addition, glass is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

The booklet and accompanying video clip can be downloaded here.