Glass for Europe supports calls for recycling action

News Item
24 Jul 2013
The increased attention paid to resource efficiency, sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable buildings has raised awareness of the potential of the building sector to contribute to Europe’s goals in these areas. The role that the glass industry can play has been recognised in a Glass for Europe position paper.

Glass for Europe, the trade association for Europe’s manufacturers of flat glass, wishes to promote the dismantling, collection and recycling of end-of-life building glass (from windows, glazing and other products) and to ensure that end-of-life flat glass does not end up in landfill.

In the paper it is acknowledged that the flat glass industry is supportive of the development of end-of-life building glass collection, sorting and recycling and is ready to use more recycled glass in its manufacturing process. This will save raw materials, energy and CO2 emissions.

EU targets on recycling should be set in order to boost the development of collection schemes at national level, which need to be adapted to specific regional and local situations. Initial financing will be needed to trigger action and create the infrastructure and management schemes.

Before the implementation of any measure, however, Glass for Europe calls for a review of the current situation in the different Member States, focusing on collection and recycling rates and amounts of glass currently sent to landfill and diverted to other uses.

Glass for Europe believes that collection and recycling of end-of-life glazing could represent a valuable business opportunity to be developed across Europe, if Member State governments promote the idea and help to develop collection and treatment schemes. Glass is an infinitely recyclable material, but its potential in this respect has yet to be fully realised.

To access the Glass for Europe position paper on recycling, please click here.