Glass and the recycle of life

News Item
25 Mar 2014
Glass is an endlessly recyclable material, yet the energy saving potential of recycled glass is not fully realised at present.

That's the message from Glass for Europe in a short animated video on recycling of end-of-life building glass. The video explains the current situation and makes suggestions on how to improve it.

With high energy costs, increased use of post-consumer recycled glass could become a cost-effective solution to support industrial competitiveness and help flat glass manufacturers contribute further to a competitive low carbon and resource-efficient Europe.

Glass for Europe is of the view that the current regulatory framework does not provide incentives for the recycling of building glass. Policy measures at both EU and national level are needed to increase building glass waste recycling, reduce virgin raw material use and decrease the carbon intensity of flat glass manufacturing.

In conjunction with the video, the Glass for Europe position paper on building glass recycling and EU waste legislation has also been published. It calls for key EU legislative requirements to increase building glass recycling, including:

- Set individual targets on specific types of construction and demolition waste, such as glass

- Introduce mandatory provisions on dismantling and sorting of glass in renovation and demolition works

- Mandatory audits should be carried before demolition or renovation of large tertiary buildings

- Ban landfill deposit of economically recyclable glass such as single clear glass panes and insulating glass units

 - Complement legislative requirements with technical recommendations for Member States on collection, sorting and recycling of end-of-life building glass from the European Commission

The video is available on the Glass for Europe website page dedicated to recycling.