Float Glass Production

The life of a float line: chapter two – the float bath and annealing

Press Release
31 Mar 2015
This is the second chapter in our exclusive video series on float glass production.

This time, Mike Woodhead, line manager at Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, talks us through the process at the heart of float glass production, the bath of molten tin on which the glass spreads out to form a flat sheet, followed by the carefully controlled cooling process. 

Molton tin float line

Coatings can be applied to the glass while it is still at high temperatures in the tin bath, becoming chemically bonded to the surface ensuring they will last a lifetime. Pilkington Anti-Condensation glass, a product designed to reduce  external condensation hence improving the view through your windows, is produced in this way – for more information, visit www.pilkington.com/anticondensation

To see the first video in the series, visit https://youtu.be/U8d-weDWBaE