EuroACE welcomes Parliamentary home run for energy efficiency

News Item
10 Jan 2014
Describing it as hitting a home run for energy efficiency in buildings, EuroACE has welcomed the European Parliament vote in favour of three binding energy and climate targets in 2030, including the proposed 40% improvement in energy efficiency.

A joint meeting of the Parliament’s environment and industry committees on 9th January backed a motion that also called for a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, and 30% market share for renewables by 2030.

EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, represents Europe’s leading companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of energy saving goods and services for buildings.

"The European Parliament has repeatedly come forth with this call to reduce the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050", explained Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE. "This vote strongly echoes the ambition of our Renovate Europe Campaign and sends a very clear message to the Council and the European Commission about where the real opportunity for climate and energy policy lies – the European Parliament is an important striker in this ballgame to 2030, and has voiced its opinion loud and clear!"

A communication on the EU’s 2030 climate and energy package is due to be released on 22nd January along with policy pronouncements on carbon market reform, shale gas, the Fuel Quality Directive and industrial competitiveness.

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