ENTRANZed by building refurbishment

ENTRANZed by building refurbishment

News Item
22 Nov 2013
A new report issued from the ENTRANZ project has assessed new and innovative policies that aim to deliver nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) in the European Union.

The report provides a comprehensive list of different instrument options all of which are targeting at modernisation measures in the building sector thus addressing the multiple and often target-group specific barriers in the built environment.

The objective of the ENTRANZE project is to actively support policy-making by providing the required data, analysis and guidelines to achieve a fast and strong penetration of nZEB within the existing national building stocks. The information in the report provides national decision makers and key stakeholders with a basis on which to build ambitious, but reality-proof, policies and roadmaps.

In many countries transforming the building sector is one of the key elements for moving towards a low carbon environment. Very long reinvestment cycles, large capital intensity and a lack of ownership make this transformation a challenge for governments in identifying appropriate policies to meet comply long term targets for carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

The report provides a comprehensive list of different options all of which are targeting at modernisation measures in the building sector. Instruments are covered that target insulation measures at the building envelope (e.g. replacement windows)

Particularly in the case of deep renovations, special attention must be paid to a appropriate installation of the different components as well as coordination between the different structural elements (e.g. wall – window, roof – wall, etc.). It calls for the need to tighten the minimum modernisation standards in the case of a building refurbishment and that these standards need to apply to the upgrading of single components such as windows.

A focus of the report is laid on instruments that aim at triggering ambitious refurbishment measures in the building stock – known as deep renovation – towards achieving the nearly zero energy standard as introduced by the recast of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

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