Energy efficiency industries target buildings

News Item
04 Jun 2014
Manufacturers of energy efficient materials have called for a 2030 energy savings target for buildings.


In a joint letter sent on 30th May to the College of Commissioners, five major representative organizations of the building sector, including Glass for Europe, have united to urge the European Commission to design a sectoral target for buildings to help deliver overall energy efficiency ambitions.

At a critical time for the EU, with heightened concerns about energy security, energy efficiency policy for 2030 has become hugely significant.

Research repeatedly shows that the renovation of buildings offers the highest cost-effective energy savings potential. Yet, the potential of buildings remains untapped in the absence of appropriate policies and initiatives. Key to unlocking this potential is a sectoral energy efficiency target which will provide regulatory certainty and long term transparency for the construction products industry.

Glass for Europe is the trade association of European manufacturers of flat glass for architectural, automotive and solar energy applications. Glass for Europe represents companies accounting for nearly 90% of the EU's flat glass production and includes the NSG Group among its members.

"A sectoral target for buildings is the only way forward to stimulate the necessary level of focus for renovation in the decades to come", commented Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe.

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