Ed Miliband takes a tour of Cowley Hill Offline Coater

News Item
11 Oct 2013

Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, took a tour of Pilkington Cowley Hill, Off-Line Coater on Friday 4 October 2013, aimed at producing the next generation of energy-efficient glass.

Ed Miliband takes a tour of Cowley Hill Coater

The visit coincided with his plan to freeze spiralling energy costs - which he estimates would save the country’s businesses a staggering £1.4bn. He said: “I really enjoyed the tour. It was great to look around a great British manufacturer. We’ve also been talking a lot about the issue of energy costs because Labour’s planned price freeze will not just be good for families but good for businesses too.

“It’s a pro business measure which will help businesses which are really struggling. Energy costs are one of the biggest issues many businesses face - both small and large.”

Mr Miliband admitted that firms like Pilkington - now owned by NSG Group - faced “difficult times” during the recession, but said Government should help them “grow and prosper” by cutting energy costs and business rates.