Cumbernauld Achieves the Standard

Press Release
16 May 2012
Pilkington Cumbernauld is the latest NSG Group facility to be celebrating after achieving the coveted BS EN ISO 14001 for its environmental management system.

ISO 14001 is part of a family of 16 international ISO 14000 standards designed to assist companies in reducing their negative impact on the environment. The standard does not dictate absolute environmental performance requirements, but serves instead as a framework to assist organisations in developing their own environmental management system and meeting their economic goals.

The Pilkington Cumbernauld branch produces Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) for domestic applications. After six months of research into how the branch handles and disposes of its waste, staff found that much of the rubbish produced was not effectively recycled.

Having identified and reduced their waste streams, the plant now has facilities to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood. Alongside, these environmentally friendly measures it has also replaced all its lighting fixtures to ensure they are energy-efficient.

The greater emphasis on effective recycling means 80 per cent of waste at Cumbernauld is now recycled, reduced the environmental impact of the plant significantly.

Jim Davidson, Branch Manager, Pilkington Cumbernauld, said, “We have a long association with improving the environmental effects of operations so it was the next logical step to look at the differences we can make at branch level. We faced many challenges in establishing our waste management system, not least of which was ensuring regular involvement and communication with staff.  Everyone showed a real enthusiasm for the changes which were invaluable in enabling us to achieve the ISO 14001 standard.”

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