Conservatory spend tops UK home life survey

News Item
16 Oct 2014
The latest Britain at Home report from Lloyds Bank Insurance reveals interesting data about British home life. The bi-annual report is designed to build a comprehensive picture of a British home and owners’ spending priorities, by shining a light on the way we invest in and utilise our homes and gardens. The top reasons why homeowners spend money on their home shed light on the underlying factors that can lead to home improvements

The main reason is to improve how the home looks (65%), while other areas such as to increase its value (23%) and to make more space (12%) also rank highly.  The report looks at how homeowners invest in their homes and by how much. Top of the list is the living room with a value of £5,031 and with an average spend in the last 12 months of £607. Pleasing to the fenestration sector is the quoted relatively high ranking of a conservatory. In terms of money spent in the last 12 months, the conservatory ranks top at £1,096 but for value, it comes in at fifth with a spend of £3,485 behind living room, garage (£5,003), kitchen (£4,995), and study/office (£3,511).

Information supplied by Windows Active 17/10/14