Cold At Home highlights fuel poverty

News Item
26 Feb 2016
Cold@Home has been launched to investigate and highlight the causes of fuel poverty, its impacts on society and measures that can be taken to address it.

In Europe and North America, it is reported that fuel poverty is on the rise with almost 100 million people estimated to be unable to keep their homes warm during the winter. Introduced by EnAct with the Renovate Europe Campaign, Cold@Home is a new multi-media project aiming to show that fuel poverty is not necessarily about being poor. The project aims to demonstrate that low quality housing and high energy costs are significant factors.

EnAct, the Energy Action Project, is an online platform investigating causes and impacts of energy poverty worldwide and using the power of media to inform and influence decision-makers in projects, small and large.

Supported by Glass for Europe, the Renovate Europe Campaign is pushing for deep and ambitious renovation strategies to be implemented across Europe to triple annual renovation rates of buildings from 1% to 3% by 2020.

The benefits of building energy efficient upgrades – which could include energy efficient glazing - will be covered within the project. To find out more about the project, please click here.