BIM holds no fears for CPA

News Item
19 Jun 2013

The Construction Products Association (CPA) has launched a guide that should take the fear out of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for product manufacturers.

Prepared in conjunction with National Building Specification (NBS), 'BIM for the terrified' aims to provide manufacturers with sufficient understanding to assess the potential impacts of BIM on their products and businesses.

BIM is a process for managing information generated during a construction project in a common format for use through the various stages of the project, including design, construction and operation. 

As well as increased take-up in the private sector, the government has proclaimed that all central government procurement contracts must use BIM by 2016.  It is essential that manufacturers understand what this entails and 'BIM for the terrified' is a good introduction to the subject. 

The guide encourages manufacturers to develop a BIM strategy and understand the requirements of their supply chain.  It recommends that companies consider short and long-term costs and benefits, employee training needs, software requirements, integration with existing workflows and restructuring of product data to ensure it is BIM-compatible.

For more information on the guide, please contact the Construction Products Association.