Ambitious building renovation projects best-in-class

News Item
16 Mar 2015
A new report published by Copenhagen Economics concludes that deep building renovation projects respond more effectively and cost-efficiently to the key operational objectives of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).
The report – entitled 'The role of building renovation in the EU investment strategy' - was welcomed by building sector industry associations Eurima, Glass for Europe, EuroACE, PU Europe and the Renovate Europe Campaign. Set up to boost short and medium term activity, building renovation can be effective at meeting all of the requirements of the EFSI.

“Energy infrastructure-related projects are often put on the table when thinking of EFSI projects” added Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe, “but building renovation projects should be given high priority if we take our building stock as an essential part of our energy infrastructure”.

Refurbishments, including high performance glazing upgrades, can provide the highest leverage, fastest roll-out and widest benefits for society. The building sector industry has called on EU Institutions to ring-fence a sub-fund in the EFSI which would be devoted to investments on large, deep renovation programmes.

The report from can be downloaded from the Glass for Europe website.