GGP product of the year - Pilkington Spacia™

GGP product of the year - Pilkington Spacia™

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06 Feb 2019

As Featured in GGP Magazine - 11/18

Revolutionary vacuum glazing technology Pilkington Spacia™, provides the energy-efficiency of modern double glazing, but in a unit that’s typically only a quarter of the thickness. 

The solution provides high levels of thermal performance while having the profile of single glazing, at only 6.5mm thick. It helps to boost energy-efficiency in buildings without having to replace original frames or compromise on heritage aesthetics.

St Gerard’s school near Dublin recently reduced its need for heating by using Pilkington Spacia™. The glazing was sensitively installed within the 150-year-old building’s original large, timber sash-frames that are typical of Georgian architecture – retaining the property’s historic charm.

Image Courtesy of ENERGLAZE