The next generation of Pilkington K Glass™

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The next generation of Pilkington K Glass™

18 Oct 2011

This week we announced a new product in the Pilkington K Glass™ range of low-emissivity glass that will help window manufacturers achieve a broader range of window U values and Window Energy Ratings (WER) i.e from A to C. Pilkington K Glass™ S extends our range of energy-efficient glazing solutions by introducing soft coat technology to a trusted brand.

David Pinder, Managing Director of Pilkington Building Products UK explained at the launch, “This advance in the Pilkington K Glass™ product means that our coated glass range offers the widest choice on the market. Our trade customers can now easily find a solution for any processing technique or achieve an A rated Window in any type of framing system, whether it be timber, pvc or aluminium”

The good news is that the UK’s favourite energy saving glazing solution, Pilkington K Glass™ looks set to remain just as popular in years to come as it is today.

For more information on this fantastic new product and for further detail on the entire Pilkington K Glass™ range head over to the Pilkington website here.