The Green Deal what it means to you

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The Green Deal what it means to you

22 Sep 2011

Tomorrow afternoon at 3pm Pilkington Glass MD, David Pinder and Restoration Man George Clarke will be live in conversation at Studio Talk TV to discuss the Green Deal and what it will mean for the average UK household.

The Green Deal is part of the governments new Energy Bill that aims to upgrade the country’s ageing housing stock in order to meet the latest carbon emissions targets set by Energy secretary Chris Huhne earlier this year. The deal will provide homeowners the opportunity to make energy-efficient improvements without having to pay directly for the installation costs. This should come as a boost to many whom, according to our research, are keen to improve the green capabilities of their home in order to save money.

Installing energy-efficient measures into a home can be costly and this is the main barrier for many who are reluctant to invest heavily during a time of economic uncertainty. However, the Green Deal will allow for home owners and landlords to pay for green upgrades over time via the savings made on a property’s energy bill, with no upfront costs to the homeowner.

The precise measures of the bill will be ironed out during the Autumn consultation. However, a number of businesses are now calling on the government to ensure all methods of energy saving upgrades are included: such as double glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation and energy efficient boilers.

In the recent study on behalf of Pilkington Glass almost one quarter of homeowners said they would install double glazing if it was included in the Green Deal. The Government is also hoping that the ‘Green Deal’ will incentivise landlords to improve their rental properties, as the research also reveals that nearly two thirds of tenants would not pay for changes to their homes.

So, if you are keen to find out more about the Green Deal, or even ask David Pinder and George Clarke for their thoughts on it, be sure to join us here from 3pm tomorrow afternoon for what promises to be an insightful session.

Pilkington MD, David Pinder