The Final Week of Pilkington PK1 Training Courses

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The Final Week of Pilkington PK1 Training Courses

08 Oct 2014
In our latest blog, Phil Brown, Pilkington’s Technical Advisory Service Manager, explains the nations obsession with quizzes, whilst also wrapping up the last week of Pilkington PK1 training courses.

I have the ultimate quiz question: when was the first ever quiz?

An internet search suggests that when and where the first quiz took place is unknown, with even the origin of the word 'quiz' being uncertain.  One source claims that a Dublin theatre proprietor made a bet that he could make this nonsense word known throughout the city.

As a nation, we have been obsessed by quizzes for generations and judging by the television schedules, the appetite for the humble quiz is far from fading. There is even one channel entirely devoted to broadcasting 'timeless' shows, such as Bullseye and 3-2-1.

I confess to my own obsession with quizzes in my (much) younger days.  Looking back, I'm not sure if it was due to an interest in the habitat of big cats or knowing the capitals of obscure places like Outer Mongolia.  That said, the obsession may have been driven more by the attractions of a midweek trip to the pub.  After all, you can be sure that there will be a pub quiz somewhere in the country every night.

Back to glass, we try to bring this love of quizzes into our Product Knowledge (PK1) training courses. We wrap up each one with a fun 'glass knowledge' question and there are bonus questions, multiple choice and a race against a clock - all with the golden rule: the quizmaster is always right.  Not all attendees appreciate the fun element, but the quiz does tend to bring out the competitive spirit in many of them.  There has been no shortage of nail-biting tie-breakers to end the course.

And we don’t just stop at staff quizzes, customers that want to test their glass knowledge with our Product Knowledge quiz can sign up for our PK1 course via the link here:

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