Paying tribute to the past

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Paying tribute to the past

01 Aug 2011

Salford is a city located in the heart of Greater Manchester and is an area that has experienced a period of intense regeneration over the past twenty years. The majority of the urban renewal occurred at the old Salford dock site that has been transformed from an abandoned industrial wasteland into the epicentre of northern England’s media industry. However, a slightly different kind of restoration has been taking place since 2009 just a stone throw away from the modernism of the Quays that helps connect the area to its pre-industrial past.

Ordsall Hall is one of the oldest buildings in Greater Manchester and parts of it date back to 1351. It was recently re-opened following a historical restoration that took over two years to complete. The lengthy renewal period was a result of the desire to remain as true to the original appearance of the building as possible. Some of these time consuming measures are listed below but when looking at images of the restoration it was time well spent.

  • A huge cover enveloped the entire building in order to ensure the reconstruction of a timber roof could be completed safely
  • The age of the building meant that some of the work was completed using traditional skills that are more time consuming than their modern equivalent
  • Key interior features like the original chandeliers and wall sconces in the great hall were meticulously conserved and restored

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