Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Pilkington K Glass™ S

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Conservatory incorporating K Glass S

Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Pilkington K Glass™ S

18 Sep 2017
As the nights get longer and colder, keeping your home warm - especially in the evenings - can be difficult. Making use of the Pilkington K Glass™ range in your home can help to keep your rooms cosy all year round.
There are various choices in this range to suit different homes, including Pilkington K Glass™ S, our latest version, designed to keep as much warmth in rooms as possible.

Pilkington K Glass™ S is a high performance, low-emissivity, soft-coated product which offers excellent thermal insulation and prevents heat from escaping by reflecting it back into rooms. When combined in a Pilkington energiKare™ IGU, you can also benefit from the “free heat” from the sun known as the ‘solar gain’ process. 

By helping to keep your home warmer, Pilkington K Glass™ can help you to reduce your energy bills, making your home greener and helping to keep it more energy-efficient.

Aside from keeping you warmer in the winter, Pilkington K Glass™ S could also allow you to extend glazed areas in your home - such as conservatories and glass box extensions - without making your house susceptible to being colder. Glass from the Pilkington K Glass™ range also prevents unsightly condensation from forming on the inside of your windows.

For those looking for a greener way to keep their home warm all year round, a glass from the Pilkington K Glass™ range could be the ideal way to retain heat while maintaining beautiful windows.

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